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Gracepoint quizzerweb - by Crave High Price : Free

A well analyzed questions, reviews and corrections on maths

Mathematics 2020 waec practice - by Crave High Price : Free

Study and practice on possible questions in Mathematics for 2020

Noções de Lógica - by Alfredo Gutemberg Price : Free

Teste que aborda os conceitos fundamentais de lgica.

MTH 105 - by Adeyemo Barnabas Price : Free


Mat 121 - by Bunmi Olanrewaju Price : Free

Quiz on mat 121

Mock - by Leksyde Smith Price : Free

Mock Test

Dr. Mach tutorial quick test - by Dr. Mach Tutorial Price : Free

This quiz is to help Dr. Mach identify your weaknesses in mathematics and help you overcome your fears in handling Mathematical problems

Indices, logarithm and surd - by Dking Media Academy Price : Free

A short test on indices

UNN maths 121 mock exam - by GODWIN DOZY Price : Free

In preparation for the main examination

MTH 111 Mock exam for Lions and lionesses - by GODWIN DOZY Price : Free

This is to prepare you for the main exam and help you see how far you have gone in being fast and accurate.

CHAMP DESPERATE WARRIORS RSAT 1 - ARTS - by Celebrated High Achievers Mentorship Programme Price : Free


VSA MATHS TEST - by Eunice Awe Price : Free

This test is for 30 minutes