LAUTECH 200 - 500 Level

LAUTECH 200 - 500 Level

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CSE 201 - by QUIZZERWEB Price : Free

Introduction to Programming in Pascal - practice questions

GNS 207 - by QUIZZERWEB Price : Free

GNS 207 : Science in History - Bio-Historical Approach

MGS 515 - by QUIZZERWEB Price : Free

MGS 515 - Basic Accounting One

CSC 201 | Introduction to Python - by QUIZZERWEB Price : Free

CSC 201: Introduction to computer programming with Python This quiz serves you questions on introduction to python from a pool of 700+ distinct questions with detailed explanations to each. CONTENT PYTHON OVERVIEW History of Python PYTHON BASIC SYNTAX Python Keywords Python Identifiers Lines and Indentation Quotation in Python Comments in...

CPS 201 (2013/2014) - by QUIZZERWEB Price : Free

CPS 201 (2013/2014) past question practice quiz Introduction to Environmental Protection and Toxicology History and development of toxicology General principles of environmental protection Classification of monitoring techniques of the environment, ecosystem, and environmental factors Elements of environmental pollution The fate and effects of non-differentiated toxicants in the environment The future...

AEC 201 (2012/2013) - by QUIZZERWEB Price : Free

AEC 201 (2012/2013) past question practice quiz Introduction to Agricultural Economics Scope and Method Price Theory and the Function of the Market (with particular reference to agriculture) Theory of Agricultural Production Cost Analysis (with respect to agricultural production) Theory of Distribution

CPS 203 - by QUIZZERWEB Price : Free

CPS 203 past question practice quiz Introductory soil science and fertility Solis, their origin and formation: Origin and formation of soils Soil mineralogy, soil formation factors, and processes: Mineral composition of soil Factors and processes involved in soil formation Soil profile: Layers and characteristics of a typical soil profile Physical...

MCB 201 - by QUIZZERWEB Price : Free

MCB201: INTRODUCTION TO MICROBIOLOGY This quiz will test your knowledge of the following topics in microbiology: General Microbiology Bacteria Viruses Prions Rickettsia Fungi Protozoa Algae Lichens Chlamydiae Credit: Questions to this quiz wereprovided by STEPHEN

CHM 222 - Basic Organic Chemistry - by QUIZZERWEB Price : Free

Questions on Basic Organic Chemistry. The questions have been designed to cover fundamental concepts in organic chemistry. This quiz contains over 1000 questions courtesy of Stephen.