GNS 110 - History of Settlement




The course covers the history of human settlement from prehistoric times to the present day. It examines the various factors that have influenced the development of settlements, including geography, climate, culture, and technology.

The course also explores the different types of settlements that have emerged over time, such as villages, towns, and cities. It looks at the social, economic, and political structures that have shaped these settlements and the challenges they have faced, including population growth, and urbanization.

Students in the course will learn about the different theories of settlement development, including the diffusionist, environmental, and cultural evolutionist theories. They will also study the impact of colonization on settlement patterns and the emergence of global cities in the modern era.

Overall, GNS 110 provides students with a broad understanding of the history of settlement and its influence on the development of human societies. It helps students to develop critical thinking skills and to appreciate the complexity of the factors that have shaped our built environment.

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