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CPS 203 past question practice quiz

Introductory soil science and fertility

Solis, their origin and formation:

  • Origin and formation of soils

Soil mineralogy, soil formation factors, and processes:

  • Mineral composition of soil
  • Factors and processes involved in soil formation

Soil profile:

  • Layers and characteristics of a typical soil profile

Physical properties of soils:

  • Soil texture
  • Soil structure
  • Soil moisture
  • Soil air
  • Soil temperature

Soil colloids, soil reactions, soil organic matter, and soil organisms:

  • Soil colloids and their properties
  • Chemical reactions in the soil
  • Importance of organic matter in soil
  • Role of soil organisms in soil health

Soil and water conservation:

  • Techniques and practices for conserving soil and water

Nutrient requirements and mineral nutrition of plants:

  • Plant nutrient requirements
  • Mineral nutrition of plants

Introduction to fertilizer:

  • Basic introduction to fertilizers

Meaning and scope of soil fertility:

  • Understanding soil fertility and its significance

Essential nutrient elements and their roles in crop growth and development:

  • Nutrient elements required by plants and their functions

Physical, chemical, and biological factors affecting availability and supply of nutrients:

  • Factors influencing nutrient availability to plants


  • Sources of fertilizers
  • Different forms of fertilizers
  • Manufacture of fertilizers
  • Methods of fertilizer application
  • Fertilizer rates
  • Fertilizer ratio
  • Filler in fertilizers
  • Fertilizer recommendations
  • Timing of fertilizer application
  • Handling and storage of fertilizers

Soil fertility in the tropics:

  • Specific considerations for soil fertility in tropical regions

Avenues of nutrient losses:

  • Factors leading to nutrient loss in soil

Ways of improving soil fertility:

  • Methods and practices for enhancing soil fertility
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