Femzy Tutors (13th Mini Test)


Author - Adesokan Emmanuel


This is the 13th Mini Test of Femzy Tutors: If you need Help on any Question, Kindly screenshot it and send it to me on WhatsApp for detailed Explanation.


Dont be discouraged after taking the Test. All you need to do is to continue Jacking and get the reasons to all correct and wrong options. If you score something High, Don't be excited too much, You can visit my catalogue on WhatsApp for More Mini Tests!!!

After this Test, You can message me on Whatsapp(09014803976) to register for the 7th Standard Mock Test (Math Questions are also Available) That will be conducted on 5th September 2020. 100 Questions in 80 Minutes

This test you are about to take is On Equilibrium of Forces and Chemical Equilibrium (15 Questions) 

You can message me to join the Prep group for Our 3 weeks Marathon Class on WhatsApp (09014803976)


Femzy Tutors

Femzy Tutors (13th Mini Test)
Estimated time 00:15:00
Questions 15 questions
Trials allowed 1 times
Review and Correction Yes
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🙂 Wisdom Forster said on September 22, 2020 08:13am
Pass key plz?
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🙂 Adesokan Emmanuel replied on September 22, 2020 10:58am
Ohh. The pass key is 08080842145 You can message me on WhatsApp to join Our Marathon Class and you get daily MINI TEST. The Fee is #500 till your Exam Date. 09014803976 We started yesterday. You can join us now
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