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During the period of 1960-1966, Nigeria was governed under the:

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Question 30

Presidential system of government


Westminster system of government


Confederal system of government


Unitary system of government


(B) Westminster is the same as parliamentary.

Correct option: B

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Ada Martins said on February 14, 2020 05:33pm
Nigerian political system 1960-1966 was the Westminster system of government which is the same as Parliamentary system. At that period Nigeria had ceremonial head of state which is the President Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe and Head of government which is the Prime minister Abubakar Tarfewa Balewa. As such it is inappropriate to choose the option A as the answer to that question. The correct answer is B which is Westminster system of government, so please take note. You can always contact me on +2349034945991 or DM on WhatsApp +2347019191862
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