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Which of these combinations is common to plant and animal cells?

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Question 94

Centriole middle lamella, golgi bodies, mitrochondrion


Cytoplasm, sap, vacuole, starch grains, leucoplasts


Plasma membranes, chromosomes, mitochondria, lysosomes


Cytoplasm, centriole, cellulose cell wall, nucleolus


The correct answer is C. Plasma membranes, chromosomes, mitochondria, lysosomes.

Plasma membranes, chromosomes, mitochondria, and lysosomes are present in both plant and animal cells. 

A. Centriole middle lamella, Golgi bodies, and mitochondria are structures present in animal cells only. Middle lamella is a structure present in the cell walls of plant cells.
B. Cytoplasm, sap, vacuole, starch grains, and leucoplasts are structures present in plant cells only. 
D. Cytoplasm and nucleolus are present in both plant and animal cells, but centriole and cellulose cell wall are present in animal and plant cells, respectively.

Correct option: C

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